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Thanks to wedding ring engraving you can say more than state the obvious “you did.”You can say anything!

Got special nicknames for each other? Have a short love quote that you feel says everything about how you feel about one another? You can say these things and many others with wedding ring engraving and wedding ring inscriptions.

The most common and traditional wedding ring engraving is to have your initials and wedding date engraved on the inner part of the wedding band.

But hey, we know you, and we know you really want to add your own personal style and, um, brand to your wedding rings. Wedding ring engraving lets you do that.

And it’s easy. Most any jeweler can perform wedding ring engraving. You can even pick the font (lettering style) you want, anything from calligraphy to block letters. It’s up to you.

It may also help to understand that the magnificent circle of diamonds you chose as your wedding band is not going to handle any engraving. If you want an engraved wedding ring, the best bet is a simple, flat band.

You will need to take the strength and size of the band into consideration too. Some metals handle wedding ring engraving better than others. And, I’m sorry, but no wedding ring engraver, no matter how good he or she is, can get that whole Shakespeare sonnet you like so much into a wedding ring or band. Just isn’t going to happen, sorry.

You can have a brief wedding ring inscription engraved inside your wedding ring. And generally, the jeweler you buy your wedding rings from will do the wedding ring engraving for free unless you do, indeed, want something more complicated such as a symbol of some kind engraved in your wedding ring.

And the wonderful thing about wedding ring engraving is that it ensures your wedding ring can never be mistaken for anyone else’s. Because believe it or not, not everyone calls their wives cutie patootie or their husbands sweet cheeks! So just make sure your jeweler is qualified in wedding ring engraving.

Then someday you can sit back and enjoy the look on your children’s faces when they read the wedding ring inscription and say Awwww….