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And men say women are picky. When it comes to a man diamond wedding ring, men can be worse, trust me, a lot worse.

Fortunately, today’s jewelry designers understand this and have designed a multitude of styles for a man diamond wedding ring.

One of the most popular styles these days for a man diamond wedding ring has a square cut or round diamond that’s set into the band of the ring, like the one on the left.

This keeps the diamond from snagging on things when men are out doing all those manly things they enjoy doing.

The metals for a man diamond wedding ring also come in a wide range. Platinum and titanium are two of the most popular metals right now for man diamond wedding rings. Platinum is the heaviest metal there is, and its solid feel is quite appealing to men.

Titanium is also a big hit when it comes to a man diamond wedding ring because it’s so durable and strong. Like men, of course.

cheap diamond rings

Engagement rings for cheap are not great deals and there are many pitfalls involved with such “sales”.

When looking for a man diamond wedding ring, you want to keep in mind the same things you would if you were shopping for a woman’s diamond wedding ring. Color, cut, clarity, and carat, a.k.a., the 4Cs of diamonds, all play an important role in choosing the best diamond – and at the best price. So ask a lot of questions about these things, especially the color and clarity of the diamond or diamonds in any man diamond wedding rings you’re thinking of buying.

You also want to look into fancy colored diamonds for your man diamond wedding ring. This is great way to personalize a man diamond wedding ring so that your man doesn’t find himself staring at his ring on the finger of another man sitting across from him at a conference table or perching on the barstool next to him. Men are just so competitive, who knows what that might lead to!

A man diamond wedding ring is, thankfully, much easier to find than ever before because they’ve gained such popularity in recent years. You can find them at local jewelry stores or online jewelry stores. Be amazed at the fabulous selection of man diamond wedding rings at our favorite online jeweler, mondera.com.

And no matter where you choose to buy your man diamond wedding ring from, make sure you get a diamond certificate and have the ring appraised by a third-party, independent appraiser. That way, you know for sure what you’re getting, and that’s always a good thing. If only your man came with the same guarantee of quality!